Accademia degli Stravaganti

The denomination accademia in the 17th century was not only a collective term for regular gatherings of artists, scientists or intellectuals, engaged in pursuing common goals and studies; it could also refer to informal meetings of people who shared common passions and areas of interest.

As the Accademia degli Stravaganti we aim for both: to immerse ourselves – through historical investigation and artistic research – within the background of the music that we play, and to live out our musical passions as kindred spirits.

As a flexible formation, we offer exciting programmes, which intend to offer portraits of musicians of the baroque, shed new light on unknown music and contextualize an established repertory in new, vital ways.

The first projects of the Stravaganti are exemplary for this approach, like this programme dedicated to Lucia Coppa Rivani – a singer and harpsichord-pupil of Frescobaldi – and her patron Filippo Niccolini and his own accademia.

Portrait after photographs by Lucia Riccelli